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    Morse Code Game!  

This game will attempt to interpret Morse Code as you key it in. There is no particular point to this of course: although if you're good at Morse (and you soon will be!) it's very good for showing off.

- Send your signal with either the 'm' key on your keyboard, or with the left mouse key.

- Use the letter 'n' as backspace, to delete letters.

- Insert spaces with the spacebar.


You can get an estimate of your Morse transmission speed (how good you are!) by clearing the box and then exactly duplicating the interesting sentence about zebras, as fast as you can.

5 WPM was formerly the requirement to hold an amateur radio licence in the USA. 20 WPM secured the highest class of licence. Anything as high as that would be exceptional here, in view of the limitations of this game. You should be able to manage 10 WPM with a bit of practice.

(The "how quickly..." sentence is a good sample transmission in many ways, but not a perfect one: the upshot of this is that you can add a couple of WPM to your score if you like.)


- The sliding scale (top left) allows you to calibrate the game, to allow for the speed at which you are able to transmit.

- There is also the option of allowing the game to attempt to guess where the gaps between your words are. (Alternatively, remember, you can insert spaces with the spacebar.)

- The sound of the beeps can be enabled or muted, and if you are not feeling properly rigorous today, you can display a key for numbers and letters in Morse, so that you can crib. Although this is cheating really...

- Although Morse signals for punctuation have been devised, this game only recognises the letters a-z and numerals 0-9.



If you discover any compatibility (or other) problems with this, please let me know at the email below.



© T. Hutty 2006